Friday, April 18, 2008

this is sad.
this is my first post for april and it is almost gone!

I have been so busy busy busy.

Have so much to do.. my to do list is a mile long

I need to stop signing up to swaps and doing stuff of a similar is crazy-ness.

this is what i have been doing today

Don't ask. LOL!


I am going to be teaching my own scrapbooking classes from home and at peoples houses beginning in May, in partnership with Karens Scrappin Kupboard.
I am very excited.
My very two classes are using the basic grey sultry (lots of pinks and greens) and the fancy pants about a boy.
If I have any left over kits.. the kit and their instructions will go on my etsy account (*wink*)

here is a sneak peek of my first class...

I would share some layouts..
but can't find the files...will post them next time

Until then


Kayla ReneƩ


nightwolflayouts said...

OMG that is awesome news Kayla. Can't wait for the sneak peak.

Narelle said...

Hi Kayla,
Belinda Howlett gave me the link to your blog. I have admired your work for some time now. Congrats with the Karen's Scrapping Cupboard. Will look out for kits/classes.
Love your blog!

Kate said...

you go girl, so excited for you.

have fun

Kate :)