Sunday, March 9, 2008

what to do a 3am in the morning...

well BLOG of course.
nothing better to do
I should be in bed
but the neighbours are having another loud and rowdy party and keeping me up...grr!

I am being a good girl blogger lately anyway *wink*

I opened an ETSY STORE, so make sure you bookmark it ;-)

I will be adding heaps of new stuff soon, when i get some camera issues sorted *rolls eyes*

feel free to contact me on if you want anything custom made


this page is for the karens scrappin kupboard saturday challenges that are running this month.

and in other news...hmm..this


very excited to be on the march guest DT team for Mystical scrapbooks

I also have some more exciting scrappy news to share soon....*wink*


80 days till I leave to Melbourne to spend 6 days and then head to QLD with Alice...YAY!
I really have to start putting more stuff in my shop so that i can sell stuff and make some more money for my trip...otherwise i'm going to be up shit!

I am very excited because...monday i get off because of labour day...and i thought that i had to go to school tuesday but i have just found out that we don't have to go as it is moderation day for the tasmanian i get an extra long weekend. YIPEE! so i only have to go wednesday and only have one class from 2.30-3.45 and then i can go home
thursday i have off and friday i have to pretty good week next week. YAY!

Need to update with some pics tomorrow

I am going to try and get off to sleep again.


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