Sunday, March 16, 2008

what do i mean?

My name that is.

Kayla- I believe that my mum heard this name on a show whilst pregnant...10 guesses which???...DAYS OF OUR LIVES> lmao!
she had planned to spell it Kaylah but dad preffered it kayla.

ReneƩ- Is just a name that my mum liked and because of my french blood it is spelt the french way.

MacAulay- Well no choices here...last names are last names. Mine is scottish as our clan is...well i think. Would have to ask.

anyway there you have it.

This week...well last week haven't done much only had college a couple of the days. Developed my very first film...yippeee!! can't wait to get into developing/printing them on monday!
Could spend hours in the darkroom.
had to go and stock up on photographic paper and OMG! lets just say no change out of $100.

I have uploaded some new products into my etsy be sure to go and take a look.
lots more will be going in, in the next week...and some things from alice are going in keep your eye out.

I have some exciting news that i can't share yet...
but keep watching...;-)

Till then.


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Ruby Claire said...

WOW GORGEOUS page and OMG your etsy shop!!! DANG everythings GREAT!
Hey... is your good news my good news?? ;) lol
Have a great week!