Thursday, March 20, 2008

So much happening!

This week has been a blur! with mum and day off work and I have only be at college for 2 it has been all go go go! had to run a lot of errands and have been getting my shop up and running and trying to keep it stocked
some new items have once again been added.

(alice has uploaded lots of gorgeous things)

This weekend is easter..YAY!

I am not going to be doing much at all really...pretty much lazing around taking in not having to be at college (i go back on the 31st of March)

I stocked up on easter eggs today...the shops were crazy though..there were people around with chocolate everywhere. I ate a few of those creme eggs by cadbury's and OMG Yummmmmm!!!!

these...They are evil..and should be!...oh well now i'm addicted so it's too late!!!

i meant to post this the other day cause i thought it was funny
i walked into my parents room the other day
and my cat was sitting on the bed like this


Anyway till tomorrow


Kayla ReneƩ. xx

1 comment:

Bel said...

Oh you are sooo lucky to have had one of MY FAV eggs!!! the CC eggs were sold out today at my local shops today!!!!! I soo hope my MIL got me some this year!!!
great photo!!!!