Thursday, March 27, 2008


uh oh! i knew the time would come, when I just had to learn to drive.
Tonight..Omg! my sisters boyfriend is taking me driving on a um.. VERY isolated road to learn how to drive in a MANUAL...yep a manual. I have only ever driven an automatic and I even managed to crash that *woops*

So um..the nerves are going...

breathe Kayla...just breathe!!

*ok deep breath*

some work to share.

This is a mini album that I did for Karen's Scrappin Kupboard.
It will also be on display at the KSK stall at paperific in Melbourne this weekend.
I've just done a collage cause there are heaps of photos of it. lol!
(click on the collage to view the images larger)

and some pages...

sharing time over.

Oh gosh!
I have to get used to normal sleeping times again now the hols are almost over. I had extra long ones harder to get back out of my lazyness...*yawn*

I am off to watch some movies and listen to Jeremy Larson while I scrap *dreamy eyes*

Ta ta

Kayla ReneƩ


ScrapManda said...

Love your mini album...just divine!

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