Thursday, March 6, 2008

I *heart* photography

(please excuse messy paint desk in the background)

THESE are my VERY FIRST developed photos.
i went to the dark room with Tamara on Wednesday and developed my very own photos (actual photography is tamara's) as I don't have any films processed yet...that is another thing to learn all week hopefully.

I am very very excited about it...we spent about 5 hours in the dark room...Tam was teaching me how to do test strips...getting the contrast right and all about the developer, stop bath and was very fun to see how to 'professionals' do it.

Tamara was in there developing wedding photos from the wedding she photographed...there are some beautiful shots in there!

I really want to scrap these photos...the one of Buzzy and me is just too hard to scrap though...I miss buzzy so much.

Our good friends Elly and Marcus had a baby late February...they had a baby girl Mercedes...I finally got to meet her tonight and take some photographs.
She is so gorgeous.

and this page is for week 5 of the mystical scrapbooks musical madness comp...this one was a hard one..had to tie dye fabric..but got it done in the end.

I have 2 assignments due in tomorrow and I am updating my blog...LOL!
so I better get off.

Kayla ReneƩ. xx

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