Monday, March 10, 2008

i *heart* autumn

no really i do.
I is absolutely definitely my FAVOURITE season.

images taken from

I love love it. Have so many photography ideas, have been searching for inspiration for those on flickr. where i found the above. talk about eye candy!

All is good here.
No layout updates...

but if you are looking for an awesome challenge (if i do say so myself) set by me...visit here

I have an extra long weekend this i not only had today off but I get tomorrow off as well because it is moderation day at college yippeee...

Had a bit of an internet scam scare here. not happy jan!

Some blogs that I am loving at the moment

*Pip Prosser
*KYLA (hey cupcake!)
*Jennifer Pebbles (can this chick get any cooler?)
*Janine Langer (love her work)

Ok well I am off to bed

chat soon (which have you noticed i have managed to do on a regular basis *so proud of myself*)

Kayla ReneƩ. xx

1 comment:

Sandie said...

Gidday Kayla, Hey I hear ya about Autumn - its my fave season too.
Crisp mornings, beautiful days, crisp nights. Tons of gorgeous autumn leaves in the most beautiful shades you could think of.........hope you are having an ok day today.

Lots and lots of luv

(P.S. You will have to check out my blog - I have awarded your blog with an award so you will have to cut and paste it onto your blog and wear it with pride)