Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i tell you it is an obsession.
I am working on something special...
just thought i would post a teaser.

Today..I taught my first IRL class.
I taught a jewellery class to some kids.
That was fun!
They made a necklace. bracelet. earrings and a mobile phone charm.

I have been adding some new applications to my blog playing around.
And...finally updating the links *woops*
I have heard that my blog is link heaven. lol!
well hang onto your hats cause I still have like 50 more places to link. Lol!

I have been busy busy busy budgeting and working out the $$$ for my trip in May/June.
I have worked it basically all out except the money I am going to need for Melbourne.woops!
I think I am going to need to get a part time job..even if transport is an issue.
either that..or something else *more news on that later* LOL!

I do have some work to share...but I am not sure if I can at the moment. So I will check and possibly update tomorrow.
I was up on Monday night until 3am in the morning scrapbooking. *hum de huM* I guess it paid off that i am still on hols.

Anyway must go

chat soon

Kayla ReneƩ. xx


Delta said...

Hey Kayla,

I love cupcakes too but i dont think as much as you. I had a cupcake tower for my 21st birthday cake the other year and loved it. Your blog is like link heaven i know where to go now if i want to find someone lol. Good luck with everything.

Love always,
Nae xoxoxo

Anniki Designs said...

you've outdone yourself of blog links!! :D OOh those cupcakes look so yummy and pretty!!