Tuesday, February 5, 2008

mystical scrapbooks.

Mystical scrapbooks has a weekly blog prompt competition happening. check out the details here.

Anyway I think it is a great idea..and will get me blogging and updating more.

So week 1.

Scrapbooking? How do you motivate yourself and still enjoy the process??

I am like the ultimate scrap-a-holic. Like hello I dream
about scrapbooking. so I don't find it too hard to get motivated to scrap. but if i my mojo is missing or something in seriously lacking in my scrapping health then i...
  • search the online galleries for idea
  • Check out my inspiration file on the computer
  • Browse photography websites...i love it. they always motivate me. one of my favourites at the moment is jinky art photography
  • Search etsy..I mean seriously what is more inspiring than all those gorgeous handmade goodies.
  • I search scrabooking page sketches. My favourites sites to do this are. stuck?! . Page Maps and Pencil lines
  • I listen to music, i like pop...mainly.
but my best scrapping is done...when the idea is not found off some site or some magazine but when I sit there with a pile of supplies and Just CREATE
no pressure. no rules. no deadlines
I love getting arty and messy!
Have the iPod pumping and have plenty of caffeine


I have been scrapping up a storm lately. Can't share all of it..cause some is on my sisters laptop and she hasn't e-mailed them to me yet. ggrrr!

Ok so 1.

I am actually quite happy with this one. This was one of those pages where i just sat down and created! No plans, no sketches no inspiration from mags. just scrapped
and it made me happy!
the tag pulls out from behind the photo...and it is the list of daily things i do
here is another one
this is my january layout for the miss mystical calender competition at mystical scrapbooks.

I was miss january.

and here is the questionare i filled for january

1. Name:
Kayla ReneƩ MacAulay

2. Where do you live:
Forth, Tassie (it's a little village so not well known)

3. How many siblings:
2, an older (tamara) and younger (morgan) sister

4. What's your favourite color:
lime green. Love it!

5. What's your favourite food:

6. What's your favourite TV show:
Home & Away (i need my daily fix)

7. What can't you live without:
My cats...they are my little furbabies

8. Do you have any bad habits?
not looking at people when they speak to me Embarassed

9. Cats or Dogs?

10. Name 3 ppl you would love to have dinner with, and why? *Elsie Flannigan... because everyone knows she is my idol and i would love just to speak to her.

*Tim Holtz...because he is hot...and I would love him to teach me a few of his tricks

*Poppy MacAulay...who passed away when my dad was 13 so I never got to meet him...I cherish his pictures and always wonder what he would be like if he was here!

11. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you?
*Scrap supplies
*Musk sticks

12. What car do you own?
None...only have my learners....but if I had a car it would be a lime green VW beetle. Lol!

13. What's your favourite song?
The day you went away by Wendy Matthews

14. How did you come across scrapbooking?
A creative memories party that my friend hosted.

15. What other hobbies/interests do you have?
Beading. Travelling. Collecting hippy decorations for my room.

16. How many hours a week do you devote to scrapping?
probably about 20 hours...most of it spent sitting there deciding what to journal...where to put the photo. LoL!

17. Favourite season?
Autumn definitely!

18. Do you prefer the beach or a pool?
pool...would rather not swim with the sharks.

19. What's your favourite holiday destination?
QLD...partly because i was born and raised there and miss it so much!

20. NRL or AFL??
AFL..it was NRL until we moved to tassie but the taswegians are right into AFL so we made the switch

21. What is one important fact that ppl should know about you?
I am very opinionated on certain topics...so beware! lol!

22. What do you like about our website?
It is friendly. outgoing. there are plenty of challenges and always someone to chat to!


Edited to add.
I just did this fun quiz. lol! had to share

You Have A Type A- Personality

You are one of the most balanced people around
Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want
You rule at success, but success doesn't rule you.

When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back
Whether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love!
You live life to the fullest - incorporating the best of both worlds

So...My best friend matt flew in from melbourne yesterday and he is staying at my house...so might be a bit MIA in the next week ;-)

Till then.



Sara said...

Some great inspirations there Kayla!

Lis said...

Love your outlook on it all, some gorgeous layouts and loved reading a bit about you!

nightwolflayouts said...

Loves ur blog. Def looking forward to the Tassie meet up so I can be even more inspired by ya *smooches* C

Ali said...

love your pink LO- awsome, im dying to get some of that grungeboard!! can't beleive its only $12 for a pack- there's so many little elements in each!! hey whats the background paper u used- is it KI lace, and your cherries goregeous are they Heidi swapp- do u buy off the net, i can't seem to finds these cherries, GOREGOUS!! xx

Tammy Templeton said...

Hi Kayla.
I've joined up with Mystical scrapbooks but I haven't gotten an account activation email yet? Do you know how long it takes as I really would love to play too :0)