Monday, February 11, 2008

It's over!

Matt's trip that is.

He has been here for a week and is leaving today :-(

We have had so much fun...

Now that the weekend and matt's trip is over I really need to get onto my TO DO LIST...which is huge...
1. finish typing up instructions to scrapbooking class
2. organise some classes for my LSS
3. Get the beads online to create the orders for customers
4. Finish this weeks music madness challenge and we dare you challenge
5. reply to the e-mails in my inbox
6. edit and print last months photos

Some pics since last update.

some of my daily pics...(which are edited by the way)

Oh and yes! in case you noticed. I did have all my hair chopped off. I was having a bad hair morning and got it all chopped off and it will be heaps easier to do for college in the rushed mornings that i know that i am going to have!

We had friends over at my house....that was fun...some crazy pictures.

a poker game ended badly. Lol! in other words I was losing. combine that with alcohol. woops! there were poker chips and cards all over the floor and we are still missing the 9 of hearts.

rarrgghhh! matty tiger!
matty and i in chickenfeed ($2 shop) in the kids toy aisle. LOL! work it out.
he he...
matty on the big slide. (this hasn't been edited. it was actually a mistake. the lens wasn't fully open and it took a pic. lol!)

Sebastian waiting at the bottom of the slide for matt.

and this is seb. we met him in town whilst walking around. he is pretty cool!

matt and i at like 2am in the morning. a bit too much sugar that night.!

matt, alyssa and i. woo hoo!
Me and AJ.

Ok there are a million more...but I think thats enough for today. lOL!

Anyway. there is so much to do now the weekend is over. and matt has gone home...and i return to college this week. bwah ha ha!!!

OK...till nxt time


Kayla ReneƩ. xx


nightwolflayouts said...

love the pics. looks like u had a great time!
and I'm loving the new look.

Lis said...

Great pics looks like you had a fun week!!

Bel said...

love your NEW look!!!
enjoy college!!!

Ali said...

lovin your new look! go the short hair! i had all mine chopped off too the other week, i needed a change! i love the pics- esp the one of matt on the slide...awesome.girl!!!

Ally said...

oh Kayla! I am so glad you and matt had a great time as I know how much u were looking forward tot his!

And how FUNKY is that hair do!!! Woot! you go girl! :D


Tammy Templeton said...

Hi Kayla,
All your photo's look like so much fun and that one of Matt on the slide is awesome! Definitely a keeper. Isn't it funny how sometimes a mistake can turn out to be a masterpiece.
Take care