Saturday, January 5, 2008

jan 4 and 5

Hi guys!

I missed yesterday

I have been very sick!

Won't go into it all as it will bore!

but haven't been well...and my pics reflect this..but hey gotta capture the mood of the day. lol!

on a good note i did manage to get out of my sick bed down to launceston today and go to karens scrapping kupboard where i made some nice purchases

also went into the city and got some new clothes for college!
me looking incredibly fowl!
me in my sick bed! lol!

Talk soon


Sally_Odgers said...

Nice little obsession you're cultivating here. I'm a fellow Tasmanian, fellow Saggie, and fellow obsessive - I spend MUCH too much time blogging and playing with my websites. I don't scrap, but my daughter-in-law does. She lives in NSW but loves the scrabooking shop in Latrobe when she comes to visit us. Do you know it? (Hope you feel better soon.)

Ruby Claire said...

AWW hope you get better soon Kayla!! :)