Thursday, January 3, 2008

jan. 3rd

me on the 3rd of January...not very glamorous!

Meet Elle the hippy car
present from my bestie. i thought it was so cool!

This is a present I made my older sister mara. She is new to scrapbooking so I gave her this FULL of goodies...(which i took mostly out for the photo)

My latest obsession. HAMBLY gotta luuurvve it. I am so in love with it all...some of it was a present from Alice...

and speaking of alice...look what she made brought a tear to my eye yesterday...very special!

and meet my clip it up...i am still trying to think of name for him...and yep its a him...a named my new crop-a-dile BRUCE! lmao!

I need more clips for him though! need to clip up all my new hambly rub ons!

Well till tomorrow


K. xx


Ally said...

lmao Bruce!!!1 you crack me up Kayla!!! Glad you love the mini book!

Cindy said...

LOVE your beetle, and Mara's present, and your book (I would have cried too...)

rebelliouskiwi said...

OMG I wanna be your sister! lol. Love Maras pressie! How funky are those colours! Love reading your blog!!

Ruby Claire said...

ooo YAAYYY you got the clip it up!
and what a FANTASTIC thing alice made! how GORGEOUS!
Andd that OFT thing you made is AWESOME!!!

miasmummy said...

Lucky chicky!!! That is one beautiful album, I'm jealous that is for sure!!! xxx

Rachy said...

wow love that album alice made you! Your so blessed Kayla... not only coz all that stuff she wrote is true but to have a friend like that too!
And your car is awsome!!! (if only it was a little bigger and had a motor lol)!

Tammy Templeton said...

Sorry to read that you have been sick. I hope your better now.
We bought my DH one of those beetles {blue one} for Christmas :0)
take care