Sunday, January 20, 2008

it's me!!

I am back

FULLY recovered...silly sicky icky GONE GONE GONE! hopefully forever..can't stand the smell of hospitals and doctors surgeries LOL!

I have been doing my daily shots...but can't be bothered resizing them this rate the earliest you will see them is on my month in a review layout....oops!
I haven't done all the days yep I broke my promise already. I was sick though and I am sticking to that excuse. lol!
No but I have done a fair few..and I will journal my pic the days in between. LOL!

and there was to be one more page to share...but i can't share it now


YAY I am very excited. It was a complete surprise
and to make it more is an article which will hit the shelves May 9...mark your diaries girls. LOL!

Not much else to share here!

Been watching lots of DVD's and going to the the mood for comedies.
Last week is saw 27 dresses and also enchanted
and today i watched. i know pronounce you chuck and larry and also license to wed.
i love funny movies!

Not sad ones!
I have the devil wears prada out to watch now!

Will chat later in the week!
catcha girls

Kayla xx


Tam said...

Gorgeous layouts, but you know i love them!
The Devil Wears Prada...loved that movie!
Huge congrats and hugs on getting published again honey..will keep my eyes peeled for the mag!!

Cindy said...

Great work Kayla and congrats on the publish ! So glad to hear you're feeling better :)

Katie said...

Hey Kayla I'm so glad to hear you're feeling heaps better now! We've missed having you around at Scrapworld. Congrats on being published again too how exciting!

Loving the LOs you've shared here too! I especially love the colours in the first one - it's great to see Christmas colours used in a non-Christmas LO!

You're making me feel like hitting the cinemas now too! I really wanna see 27 dresses and enchanted. I totally agree with you on the funny movies thing - I hate movies with a sad ending!

Katie :)

Ruby Claire said...

Hey Kayla!
27 dresses good?

~kathryn~ said...

Kayla - your work is simply stunning
you never cease to amaze me with what you create

Rachy said...

love ya stuff!
glad your all better!
Now go play some games....... lmao!

smauge said...

Congrats on getting published girl! Let me know if Devil Wears Prada is any good :wink:

Megan said...

Oh Kayla, May 9th is so-o-o-o-o far away! I can't possible wait that long to see what LO got published! Congratulations, and let us know when it's out.