Monday, December 10, 2007

yesterday post!

Ok I just wanted to do a little chrissy card post as I don't have much time today
basically for this card
grad an A5 size of white card. score and fold in half
from some scrap felt cut a tree shape out of green
and out of some scrap red cut a trunk shape
get some matching thread and backstitch all the way around the tree and then stitch the trunk.
When this is done.grab some random buttons in chrissy colours and sew them on to your many or as little as you want.
Grab some scrap ribbon, tie a bow and adhere to top of tree
adhere felt pieces to card with double sided tape
then grab some scrap chrissy strips and frame it and stick!

another card for someone special!

here is another layout i did the other day

will update later

am working on something cool to share!

Kayla xx


Stacia Howard said...

I LOVE LOVE that Christmas card! So freakin cute!!

scrapwitch said...

wow wee chicka dee...dont you talk about me inspiring...holy crap...your work is awesome....
totally freaking awesome....
love ya stuff...dont you bail from sm ...stand tall and be who you are ...a creative soul

Stine66 said...

Lovely cards - but then I really LOVE the pictures you took ( of your sister ?), the whole setup is so sweet.

Ally said...

that card is the most gorgeous thing I have seen in ages Kayla!!! love love love the felt and buttons! :)
Your sisters photos are adorable!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Awesome work, chicky!

Love your card and your 6x12 layout...Lovin' your work!

Chelle Xx

Melissa Goodsell said...

The card and layout are really beautiful!

Tammy Templeton said...

Wow Kayla. I've just been looking through your blog and you are so very creative, both scrap wise and sewing. I love looking at all your felt creations.
Thanks for sharing, you are very inspiring :D