Thursday, December 6, 2007

last one!

and the third challenge that I couldn't photograph last night! the photo is still dodgy cause it is raining and overcast here today!

and look what my cat was up to!! naughty boy! have little fishy's that swim across my screen on MSN and so he sat there trying to get them!
Ok will be back later with some sort of chrissy post

Kayla xx


Ruby Claire said...

haha. your cats ADORABLE!! and
This LO and the cards and LO from the previous post are avolutely AMAZING!! FABULOUS work chikkie!!! :)
Those waffles look DELIRIOUS!! :) Yum Yumm!

Jodie said...

awww check him out anabelle loves things on the computer too, her fave is some online game called peggle LOL.

your rocking the chrissy stuff so much, awesome.