Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So sorry that i haven't been keeping up with my posts :0(
I have had a very busy week.
Making chrissy presents that I can't share on here..cause they check here. LOL!
I committed to making 99% of the presents I gave this year...and didn't think to how much time that would STEAL! lol!

ok so...

Say hello to my new Food addiction. Apricot balls...these are so YUM! I got the recipe off the very talented Mel Goodsell's blog. She seriously rocks! Go here for the recipe

I made up a whole heap of the headbands that I shared in the previous post in chrissy colours...feeling VERY festive here!

There is a lot of christmas spirit going around in blog land I just thought that I would share some blog that have give aways :0)

* Nic Howard
* Maz

(be sure to go and post your comments to win!)

I will be doing a RAK here soon...but not for christmas ;-)

Also if you want a link to an inspirational scrappers blog go here
(and also make sure you congratulate her as she just made the Masters for scrapbooking memories 2008...woo hoo! go melis!!

Another page for the scrap world word inspiration Comp!
this weeks word was 'change' so I did the change from primary school to high school and what affect that had on me!

Well that's it for today...if all goes well I will be back up on my feet soon (i can only hope)

Also CONGRATS goes out to my good friend Alice...who Got an awesome VCE score and got DUX of her year....GO ALICE!!!!

and...in 2 hours there is only 1 day till my birthday..excited! YAY!

Kayla xx


Melissa Goodsell said...

LOve the layout and I'm glad that you enjoyed the apricot balls!

Bel said...

love the lo and your cooking makes me hungry!
WHO is singing last Christmas - know the voice...on the tip of my tounge!
Alice GO GIRL!!!!!!