Wednesday, December 5, 2007

dec. 5

late post again today.
no specific chrissy stuff instead
I thought these would make a cute gift idea
Trim down a 12 x12 sheet of cardstock in 3 strip s that are 4x12 inches. then cut these in half, then score in the middle!
you should get 6 out of 1 sheet.
i have used some gorgeous pink bazzill bling!
then you can decorate as you wish (they would look cute all similar as a set)
and then maybe put them in a gift box (with evelopes) or create a felt baggy for them...
wha la! perfect little stationary gift set for the not creative people you have to buy for ;-)

By the way these cards were created for a challenge by the gorgeus KYLA!!
thanks Kyla you are such an inspiration!!

This page was another challenge from Kyla. To scrap lift a Pip Prosser layout...I just love her work...Check out her blog!!!

I was browsing it most of the day!
she takes the coolest self portraits as welL!

Oh and Kyla I didn't forget the third challenge it wouldn't photograph properly cause it is white...have to take one in the morning when there is proper light!!

Thanks Kyla for the challenges and getting my mojo kicking!

Ick! don't you hate those days when you wake up and look in the mirror and go owww gawd!! what happened? Today was one of THOSE DAYS (photo courtesy of Morgan...gee thanks for catching me in my morning glory..not!)

A little creation for today...WAFFLES and boy were these super yummy and totally NOT BURNT!!! yay! lol!

Will update tomorrow
hugs and kisses

Kayla xx


Jodie said...

beautiful idea i love those cards, and the layout is awesome, isnt pip one of the best there is?? i am so in love with her stuf.

mmmm waffles, havnt had those in forever they remind me of school holidays when we used to stack a ton of icecream on top :D yum yum.


Stacia Howard said...

OMG! Those cards are to yummy! I love them! (Im a freak when it comes to cupcakes) And those waffles do look really yum-o!