Friday, November 16, 2007

So much to do arrrghh!

There is so many things I have to get to do list is a mile long (i'm serious!!!)

I have got so many things to make and to post and to get done it is driving my head insane...bring on the new can't come fast enough!!!

I still have a million pics to share...and heaps to share about everything but it would take me hours to post it all.

Soo...starting off...

These are my two favourite shots...but I took about another 100 and they are all pretty good, can't wait to scrap them!!!

This pic i took of my gorgeous budgerigar, I wanted to take his pic cause he is really old now, even though he doesn't look it, and you just never know. so i wanted to have his memory!

And talky bear. My childhood teddy bear...I am going to scrap this as well...if you see him up close you will notice that his glass eyes are cracked and his wooden nose is worn...from so much luvin'. lol! the name talky bear actually was because he used to talk as he had a voice box inside him but that was broken years ago so now he is just a bear...but he used to say things like "lets go to the zoo, Please give me a cuddle, lets go for a walk ect..."lol!

This page is for jaimie R who I did a photo swap with, I had so much fun working with someone elses photo for once :-)
I got creative with some paint.
Sorry for the dodgy layout pic.
I have been addicted to the Two peas gallery at the moment. i am ashamed to say that I spend hours on there every night...but I am finding so much cool inspiration.

I am working on some more DT work which I will be able to share soon ;-)

I have also been submitting some more pages, I am not getting my hopes up though. lol!

I have also been very addicted to itunes. i have downloaded so many songs. i am trying to make a christmas cd.... because

I am in such a christmasy mood at the moment, have been listening to chrissy cd's non stop. lol! I just love christmas. 39 days to go which also means that it is 34 days until my birthday lol!

Ok well that is all for today

I hope you guys are all still reading through my rabble lol! ;-)

kayla xx


Ruby Claire said...

WOOOWWW those photos are GOORRGEOUS!!
Hmm im the same as you!! I still have about 10 minis to do and your Felt thingies!! OH CRAP lol i have to do them tmorrow! Sorry how its SOO late hopefully will be posted Monday!! :)
Your LO is FABB!!!! :)
Anyway have a great weekend!! :)

Ally said...

wow Kayla!!! What gorgeous photos!!! I especially love the second one! it looks really professional I think!! :) Inspiring me to scrap lol