Friday, November 30, 2007

jingle bells...

i can hear the bells ringing

today is the last day of november

which means....1st of December is tomorrow. yay!

I have decided in celebration that I will post something christmassy every day until the 25th now..well i hope!!

Anyway so more shares

I dont know if this is going to come out blurry, cause i was trying to make a photo collage...with some more photos of the shoot i did with my little sister for fun!!

Anyway....And then...

i made this a couple of weekends countdown until christmas. yay!
and sort of a bit of a countdown until my birthday (which is on the 20th) So excited here!!!
I am getting the coolest pressies (yep i know what they are, lol!)

just thought I would share some of my addictions as of late

*two peas gallery
*red velvet art blog
*you tube

The silly neighbours are up having a party again and i can't sleep, partly the reason I am typing on here at 3:14 am lol!

Well i also did a page today on a scraplifting challenge i did with alice.
I will share that tomorrow, Or dare i say today? lol!


Kayla xx


Ruby Claire said...

3:15!! WOOOWW dont you get tired?!?! Thats the time i get to sleep at sleepovers!! hehe.
I LOVE those hotos of your sister and that counting down chrissie thing is sooo COOL!!
I may make one for my door!! hehe
Hope your well!

Jodie said...

ohhhh no i dont have a advent callendar to open tomorrow!!

first year in forever without one, cos i held out for a hello kitty one then didnt find it, haha i need to buy one, pronto.

im guna check your blog each day to get christmasy, ayeshas at her familys this weekend so im alone, for the first dec.
first one in FOREVER, my family do a huge party each year down in tassie with the house lights, then since living here i just celebrated with ayesha, now tomorrow ill be a cat lady but thats cool cos ill make christmasy things.
i found 3 boxes of glass baulbals today :D

your chrissy enthusiasm is cute and spreading, so thanks babe.

ps: your sisters photos are stunning :D