Friday, November 9, 2007

I am still alive!

Yep I am still alive.

not much scapbooking to blog about unfortunately unless it is old

the cover of this album i scrapped at the KSK retreat. Ijust had to get it on to the cover. something different.This teddy my sister brought me back from QlD it is sooo cute!!!

It's name is elzee

it's story is:

elzee is an imaginary mutant friend from elzeeville...half kitten half octopus she came here on a pirate ship.

rumor has it she imagined it!!

I love it!!

alice tagged me. thank you aliceI tag
kim arnold, sandie downey, julie heard

I will do a bit more of a blog this weekend

have been pretty sick this week that is why I havent been around




Tara said...

Hey you... don't apologise for not blogging!!!! Hope you are on the mend.

Love the doll - too cute.

Jodie said...

hey girl, hope ur feelin ok.

that doll is ADORABLE omg i love it.
its nookart right? their stuff is awesome!!

take care ok.


KimA said...

Hey Kayla - hope you are felling better :o) That doll is too cute and I love your album cover. Thanks for the tag - I going to put it on my blog NOW!