Friday, November 30, 2007

Can you hear me singing?

....Christmas carols

I am in a very happy chrissy mood (does it ever stop?)

I have been making somethings for my first chrissy post tomorrow. yay!

Anyway I am off to the stores tomorrow and restocking on felt...I have used so much of is a bit scary!!!

Anyway the Little scrap book shop cyber crop starts tomorrow...yay! something to do this weekend.

OMG! i ran into my ex boyfriend at the stores today... I must say it was pretty funny.. I was going to run away but instead...we stood there staring at each other...arrghhh!

Anyway some chrissy inspo.

These are all off etsy. Go have a look. you will be happy you did!

*these little felt gingerbread men are sooo cute! i am thinking of making some of these in my own design and prettying them cute!
*these are seriously the cutest owls want to make some of these!
*this is so cute...what a cute idea...i will make these as well. they are on my to do list
*these are so cute. when I move out and get the pink tree that I want...I am so making these to decorate it!
*pink and green....YUM!!I better go
before I overload it

We wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
and a happy new year
good tidings we bring
to you and your kin
we wish you a merry christmas
and a HAAAppppyyy NEWWWWwww yEEAarr

Kayla ReneƩ xx

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Ruby Claire said...

OMG i LOOOVEE those owls!!
Everythings so cute! :)
Glad your well =]