Monday, October 8, 2007

things! :-]

things things is all about things. er! things you should be doing, things you want to do, things you wish you were. Things! uh ha!

Label 1~I'm a procrastinator, I have been procrastinating for weeks over one certain unit of school work. WOOPS! lol! I am even procrastinating about it now while I write this. lol!

anyway more things...but these are things i have done.

I also did a self photography shoot which was fun, most of the pics are dodgy here are some:

and this is the gorgeous Bailey. I took him outside on his harness for a walk and he stopped to smell the flowers. Sweet!
and some more pics
this is tiger the lamb, he is so cute. hand raised cause his mummy doesn't love hi:-{
He is all cuddly. love his cuddles. so cute!
Catch up soon

Kayla xxoo


Ruby Claire said...

i LUUV the lamb and the gawjuzz photos of you!! =]
that Lo is BRILLIANT those letters what brand are they? Are they chipboard??
Have a fab day!! =]

rebelliouskiwi said...

Awww, Bailley looks so happy outside with the flowers :) Ozzie HATES his harness with a passion so we never go out anymore :( Doesn't help with Scotty outside tho either LOL. Love the Tigger the lamb! What a cutie! They are lovely hand raised aren't they. Love 'em! Loving all your LO's recently too! And self photos! I can't stand taking photos of myself lol.

Tell you what - you stop procrastinating on that one paper you have to do & i'll do my 5 papers that i'm procrastinating too :P Deal? lol

My Paper World said...

Wow, your layout is fab, and your photos are great too!

Steph said...

Ive tagged you kayla - check out my blog :) Love steph

Rachy said...

Hey Gorgeous!
Loving your work as always! So funky and fun it always makes me smile!
That lamb is just too cute... my kids would love a pet like that hehe... guess what... they wont be getting on in suburbia haha. (Im a mean mum eh?)
Hope your having a FABULOUS day!
Rachy. xxx

Julie said...

Hmmmm - seems like I always have 'things' I'd rather be doing lol.
Awesome work on your layout - is gorgeous.
Loving the photos - how cute is that lamb!!

chat soon
Julie H xx

Tracey said...

Hi Kayla I just found your blog through blue bazaar love your style I'll visit again

Jo said...

Howdy Kayla,
Love your blog; I've been doing some blog surfing myself tonight. Your LO's are beautiful and I love your lamb - so cute! I'll be visiting again :)

Lara said...

You're oober talented! Cute layout and blog!!

Kim Smith said...

just had a bit of a butchers through your blog, and GIRL YOU ROCK! haha. i love so much of the pages you've done.

keep it up!

Liz said...

it's been awhile since I've popped in to check your blog LO's look fab..your dress looks gorgeous in the flashback pic.