Wednesday, October 31, 2007

some things...

CRIPES~ 2 posts in a week, on a rolL!!

I went out to dinner last night and it was really funny cause most of them were cooks/chefs whatever and they sat there criticizing the food. It was fun though and I had the yummiest satay beef. ;p

I stayed up last night until 2.30am talking to Matt my bestie on the phone and we organised for him to come over from Melb. in Jaunary for a week and we are going to go camping. YAY!!

Anyway just a short update today.

this is the start of my christmas present making, I love making hand made gifts

These were on my fifth birthday on the 20th Of December 1995

This one is on the 20th December in 2004 on my 14th birthday.

I have been stalking C.D. Muckosky's blog for a while now looking at her gorgeous chrissy cards she is doing. i better get started. I might steal some of her ideas ;p
you can see them here

I am excited for the release of these

~Cool blogs for this week~

Silje ~This girl RoX!
annette ~totally cool work
alexis ~inspiration ALERT!

and....some where cool to shop here

thanks for reading

Kayla xx


Ruby Claire said...

WHAT coooolll LO's!! :)
Mann you are TALENTED!!!!! :)
GREAT frame!! SUPERBB!! :)

Ally said...

You are so so so talented girl! Loving your 6x12 layouts! Inspiring me to do a few myself!

Kate said...

Congratulations kayla on your upcomingdebut as a published scrapper. Hope you had a great time at the show and sold all your jewellery.

Kate :)

Karen L said...

Kayla your homemade Christmas gifts look great and I am sure they will be appreciated by the receiver. Love your new size layouts too, they look amazing. Gorgeous work.

Ally said...

kayla just letting ya know that ive tagged you on my blog ;)