Monday, October 29, 2007

A Massive update!!! (well for now)

So much has been going on here it is unbelievable!!

We have had rellies come and stay and renovations/repairs done to our house with more to come, so things have been hectic, and I have been getting the last of my long overdue school work done, (I knew it was a bad thing to slack off at the start of the year *rolling my eyes*)

I have so many layouts to share...and a heap more that I haven't even photographed yet!!!

I have been spending lots of time also getting all my pages into albums and into order!! there is still HEAPS more to do though!!, but it is looking a lot better!!!

*I have been updating the links on my side bar as well, so hopefully I have covered all my readers! :0)

these are the tags from the tag swap that we did at the retreat...Some of the littlies are hidden but they are all so GORGEOUS!!!
I am loving this size... 6x12 is very very addictive, but i love it!!

I am coming out of my shell finally, becoming a bit more of a socialite! going to a 17th birthday dinner tomorrow, going to stay at a friends house friday night and going to the ulverstone show on saturday because I will be selling my jewellery, I hope to get some pics and make a bit of cash because I am saving for my planned holiday to QLD in June...and I am very excited because the Alice is probably coming with me. YAY!

I am so looking for some music inspiration at the moment, I have been listening to plain white t's a lot and elsie flannigans music list particularly. lol! especially tilly and the wall, they are so cool!

Anyway if you want to check out some cool blogs, check out my links because they should all be updated ;0)


Kayla xx

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Tara said...

Hulooooo :)

Hope you have fun with all your socialising

Katie said...

Hey Kayla!

Loving your LOs! They are always so inspiring! Have fun socialising this week and weekend!

Katie :)

Ally said...

hey Kayla!!
LOVE the making memories noteworthy!!! YUM! I have some slowly making its way to me in the mail at the moment!
Also am loving your 6x12 layouts! They are so fun!!!
Have a great time at your party! :)

Kim Smith said...

oh wow! lots of layouts! they look like fun!!! i love how you combine the sort of 'mainstream' flowers and stuff and make it totally your own! it's great!

have fun with all your parties!

i've been eyeing 6X12 up lately, thinking about taking the plunge into a new size! haha! thank you for my comment on my blog, that's ever so sweet.

hope to see more layouts soon. :]