Friday, October 5, 2007

flashback friday!!

I am actually organised in doing this
now my flashback is only just about a year ago.
But...It is a flashback so....

here i a pic of me and my friends at my leavers dinner

For those that don't recognise me I am on the one in the back on the far right in the green dress.
It was a bit of a flashback because I don't really speak to these people any more because I am homed schooled, I don't see any one any more, and all of these people are going to college and are all set on their own career paths now so it's a bit hard to maintain contact. I do see Alli though and bump into the others occasionally.

Well not much to share from today, I didn't really scrap except a little bit of a mini album I am doing for some one. My rents have been home all day because it is a show holiday here.

The weather has been really really weird, being hot and then going freezing!! there is snow not far from our house as well, which means it really is COLD!!!

Would love you to leave a comment and say hello.

Love ya


Kayla xxoo


Jodie said...

heey that photo is so beautiful.
and omg i forgot it was flashback friday LOL!!! thanks for the reminder.

and hey i wanna see hairspray too, sounds good. but hmm zac effron shits me, so i duno haha.

i love the song on ur blog its very pretty :D i want a song on mine how do i get one??


Ruby Claire said...

AWWWWW thatts soo ADORABLE!!
Hmm and LOOVEE the LO's in the previous post!! I cant believe i missed it!! I check your blog like everyday!! hmm... lol
OMG its falshback friday... reminded me too... i froget cause its holidays!! :P
Have a great day!!
<3 Ruby xx

My Paper World said...

Thanks for you visit and comment! I love your layouts, they are fab, especially love the tags in the pockets. I look forward to visiting again!

Julie said...

Hiya Kayla - thanks heaps for dropping by my blog and saying hello - is always great to meet new people.
What a great memory for a flashback - your pic is gorgeous the colour of your dress!

Julie H xx

Karen L said...

Love your flashback photo - my you all look so gorgeous. Loved reading back and seeing some of your layouts. They really are gorgeous.

Ruby Claire said...

OO and now im back gaain ;) I just simply HAD to comment you on your new dp... i LOVE it!! :) Your soo pretty!! :D
Hope ya had a fab day!! :)

Miriam said...

love your new look blog :)

weather weird down here in Hobart too.

Take care,

Ally said...

I love that photo of you Kayla!!! Your dress is so pretty!

Sorry havent been around much soon as school is over in 3 weeks I promise I will be around chat and scrap :D haha

Missing ya heaps!

Julie said...

Isn't it amazing how fast 12 months goes ... i am especially "flashing back" this month 'cause this time last year we had a month off work and travelled the South Coast & Vic [sigh]!
Enjoying reading your blog ... have a great week.

KimA said...

Kayla - I have to give you a big congrats on all of your layouts - they ROCK! Gorgeous photo - your dress is devine. Good luck on the job - fingers crossed!