Thursday, September 27, 2007

a week has gone... :(

How did that happen
How did a week pass,
Gosh! life is going so quickly lately.

I have been in Job training this week. Don't ask!! Not the nicest experience

Anyway the lovely Kyla sent me a kit a while ago to make a clear book
so finally some piccies
Sorry that they are incredibly bad piccies. I took them before job training at like 6.30 in the morning and usually i don't even contemplate getting out of bed at that time. lol!

Will update soon

Kayla xxoo


Julie said...

Your little album looks great!
Have a great weekend!

Tash Allen said...

really gorgeous Kayla. It is so special that you will have such an amazing and gorgeous record of your life when you are older. it makes me smile :) chin up about the lack of time... join the club... you just learn to be ever resourseful with that time. (thank god for PlaySchool!! lol) hope the rest of your job training goes well xx

miasmummy said...

Far Out Kayla, that clear book is unreal, it has given me some inspiration for my next laminate book!!! I LOVE IT!!! xxx

Ally said...

wow kayla! This little album is so so so yummy!!! I love all the pink and the trnasparentcies! I think this is one of my favourite scrapped items of yours!!!
Hope to see it in person in the future! :D

Lynn said...

Hi Kayla

Wow, your clear book is awesome. Great job girl :)
I'm a bit rushed for time ATM but have had a squiz at your blog and your work is so beautiful. I see you're a cat lover too :) I'm so glad that you wrote on my blog (thank you) because that lead me to yours. I'll definitely be bookmarking it :)

Lynn said...

It's me (Lynn - Dreamweaver - )
again Kayla.
I just clicked on my name in the last post I wrote and it took me to a page that didn't have a profile.

I don't know why it did that?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know who I was so I've added my blog link.