Monday, September 10, 2007

update update update!!!!

So much has been going on here, that is hasn't left me much time to update. So BIG update now.
Well we looked after the neighbours farm on the weekend and the cow gave birth to a gorgeous calf but I didn't get pics. I did get pics of some of the other things we were doing though SO here they are:
My little sis posing or a photo, cause i made her lol!
the little lamby we have been feeding he is so cute!!
pics of my little sis riding. little lamby following behind
morgs feeding lamby (tiger) his milk from a beer bottle (it had a teet on the end)The little lamb is one that doesn't have a mother so has to get hand raised. It is a boy, but the good thing is, this sheep is going to be a pet and not get killed for meat.
Because when he is a little older he is going to be an orchard sheep, so his paddock will be the orchard where he can munch on grass and eat the fruit off the ground. So he is going to have a happy life.
He really is a good sheep, so tame and cuddly.

Speaking of sheep, we had to ring the RSPCA yesterday because our back neighbour was being horrible to his sheep once again. Won't go into the whole story because it is horrible.

I got my new Love Elsie (Lola and Riley thats only available in the states) today off Kyla who is an absolute GEM!!!! Thanks sweetie!!

I had a very scrappy happy mail day also with a RAK from Alison Shearer for a prize I won in a recent Karens Scrappin Kupboard cyber crop

I have also done a page just for fun for once.

Here it is
I had a lot of fun playing with that page. Just for fun pages are awesome.

Little Scrapbook Shop are having a cyber crop this weekend and I am really excited because I really need something to kick start my mojo, I hardly scrapped all weekend because I was feeling rather crap!!!

and some i did a while ago but hadn't shared...

and what would a post be without a gorgeous picture of my beautiful kitties

thats it for now

Huggies and Kissies

Kayla xxoo


Melissa Goodsell said...

These layouts are gorgeous. I looooove the burn for me layout especially, so so perfect.

Anonymous said...

come over rom Therapy and LOVE you work!!!My fave (so far) is BURN!!!!

see ay at therapy...:)


Anonymous said...

Love the Pack of Love Elsie , especially the stamps, they look cool as!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute Picture of Morgs (is that for the spring challenge by any chance?)

Cheers Wendy (KSK buddy)