Thursday, September 20, 2007

OMG!! how is it Thursday already???

I mean seriously. How does a whole week slip by and you think it is still Monday?
Busy, stressed should I say the word STUDY??? ARrgghh!! I'm going insane.
My scrapbooking time has been drastically reduced to a minimalistic tiny cookie crumb so I am sitting here blogging away about it when I really could be using this tiny cookie crumb of a minute to be scrapping, but instead...I choose to chat on MSN whilst doing my never ending pile of study and update my rather sad and neglected blog. What is wrong with me?
Have i got the scrappers flu? where you would rather be chomping up the mega bytes on internet downloads then creating beautiful things.

Anyway on to other things. I can't take credit for this divine box. well the lid and the inside of the lid i can but the rest is from these talented scrappers, Tara, Sandie, Marg, Shell and Mel.

I have been doing so much blog hopping lately and have found some great ones thought I would share

Karen Latham
Janine Langer
Pip Prosser
Dina Stamps
Corrine Delis

Here's an awesome Etsy store Kitty Robot, check it out!!!

i love this, this, these, i'm in love with this, and how cute is this

Well that is it for now.

Kayla xxoo


Ally said...

wow the cube looks so gorgeous Kayla!!! Its so pretty!!!
I know! The last week went by so so so very quickly! :)

Ruby Claire said...

WOW thats an absolutely GAWJUZZ box!! BEAUTIFUL!
Yeahweeks going by reeeally quickly... Ahh well holidays next week ;)