Monday, September 3, 2007

it's almost tuesday...

ALREADY. scary how time flies isn't it???
Well I have been doing my Business management work ALL DAY!!! *yawn.yawn.yawn* so boring!!! but I need to do it and I am almost finished for the year, in about a week. Can you believe that means I have a 5 month holiday of nothing?? I think I better get a job.
Speaking of which i have an appointment with the job agency in a couple of days.

Check this out

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Well I have been doing some pagesSorry about the shadowing in the scanning on this one
It is about my Dream for the future. had a lot of fun with it
This one is of my gorgeous cat Bailey
using the gorgeous Little Scrapbook shop monthly kit. Which is totally yum yum!! i might add. Full of gorgeous KI memories. and it comes in a girl or boy kit.
Here is a pic of me that was snapped at the beach the other day. yep there are beaches in tassie. lol! (not that you go swimming!!!)

I have heaps more layouts to share but don't have the time yet. lol! will do another post soon.

I am off to bed

Kayla xxoo


Ally said...

oh wow Kayla! I am drooling overe that France layout!!! it is gorgeous !I love the colours, the pic o fyou and of course the theme lol.

I also adore that layout of Baily! Isnt he a cutie patootie!!!

Julie said...

Great LO's and i love the pics of the Lunar Eclips from your previous post ... i tried to take pics with my little camera and got a blurry white blob [sigh].
Have a great week. :)

***Melissa*** said...

I just love that france layout as well, and the other layouts, that's a nice pic of you @ the beach.

rebelliouskiwi said...

Wow! Love Baileys LO with the ribbons! Great stuff! Love that idea :)

Great photo of you at the beach too! I miss the beach - no beach out this way mate! LOL

Ruby Claire said...

WOW your so talented....

miasmummy said...

Hi Kayla, love your latest LO's!!! Thanks for my buttons from your blog RAK, although a couple of them rocked up broken, so I'm hoping a little superglue will put them back together and they can take pride of place on my pin-up board!!! xxx