Friday, September 28, 2007

i took the day off...

Because I am sick, tried to make an appointment with the doctors and couldn't get in , so have to go Monday which means another day off, Tuesday back to job training Whhaa!!!

I am here at home catching up on all the swaps I am in, and getting there. YAY!!!

the weather is so crappy here, rain thunder and lightning all morning and the wind is terrible, so glad that i am in inside.

The day hasn't been completely un productive, i have done a load of washing. lol!

It was my cats birthday yesterday he turned 5, gosh my baby is cute. here's his piccie in celebration!!

It was also my older sisters birthday on Wednesday she turned 20 (lordy!!) don't have any pics of that though as she is having her birthday thing on Sunday and I am making her cake, which I won't say what it is in case she reads this. But it's cool, I reckon Jodie will like it. lol!

Speaking of Jodie she has the coolest Friday thing called Flashback friday so I am going to participate (I would love you to join in to) it basically means that every friday you post an old pic of yourself.
so today:
I would have been 6 in this picture and it was taken in Maroochydore in QLD. This was the day I got stung by a blue bottle :-( But happy memories at the beach anyway.
LOVE LOVE the beach!!!

Ok I have been suffering from some SERIOUS blog neglect so I am posting some things that aren't exactly new but I haven't shared them cause I have been a slacker!!!


This page is for Karen's Scrappin Kupboard, I had a bit of fun mucking around with the new Love Elsie Lola papers.

This one is of my babies for a challenge, this one is for my A4 album but i did one using the same photo in bigger for my cats album as well.
This is the one for my album. It is also another challenge i did. The photo on this page is actually adhered to a chipboard flap which lifts up, see other pictures.

This was was fun, just scrapping some happy memories. YAY!

also lastly I made this scrumptious Mars Bar cheesecake not long ago and it was so YUMMY! i thought I would share. You can find the recipe here.
Have a great day everyone

Kayla xxoo


Tania said...

Some gorgeous layouts there Kayla!

rebelliouskiwi said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!!!

Aww man, I am so not gonna click that link to show me how to make that cake! BAD BAD BAD :P Looks DEVINE!

Jodie said...

love from anabelle and sui hehe!!!

omg that cake looks delish, ayesha clicked your link and now i must make it for her hehe.

ur work is kickin some butt girl im loving it all :)

hehe i had a pool chair like urs also, gret to see u playin along.
and hey cant wait to see the cats cake :D

(its anabelles birthday 18th nov, shes having mouse cupcakes, heheeh)


Ruby Claire said...

WOWEEE I LUVV YOUR WORK!!! Your sooooo takented!!! I hope you get better and have a fun weekend!! ;) HAPPY birthday BAILEY!! :D
That mars bar cheese cake looks scrumptious, speeking of mars bars, on the weekend i made mars bar slice lol... mars bar city lately!! ;_
Anyway get better!!! Hope your holidays are fun!!
You made me remeber that i have heaps of swaps to finish off to!!!!!
Well better go do them then!! :)

Ally said...

wow kayla these pages are absolutelhy stunning!!! The Bailey page is so so so clever! What a fantastic idea! Submit it girl!!! hehehe :)
And yum that cake looks scrumptious! Will have to give it a goo for sure!

PS. happy bday Bailey!

jodi said...

hey can you please email me i have a pressie i need to send you :0)