Saturday, August 11, 2007

pics of the flooding...

I got some pics of the flooding today
It is a bit sad to see so much wrecked.
this pic is of our football oval. No footy for them today!!! It is going to be a MASSIVE clean up bill as all the sludge from the river is now on the footy and cricket ground.
This is a BBQ shelter that has been flooded.
This is the river, which is rushing so much. It has so much water that it can't handle

These photos aren't all of the flooding as the worst of it has been blocked off so I can't photograph it.

There is a factory under water, a few house, a road, heaps of farms
So there is quite a bit of damage.

The last photo is of the paddock where I used to ride my horse (before she died) and she is actually buried under all of that water so I am a bit sad.

Kayla xx

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