Monday, August 6, 2007

Just a quick post

I am trying to make a quick post everyday at least cause otherwise I get slack, anyway blogging is a good way to sit down and just rewind on a big day.

Firstly make sure you go check out my sister Tamara's blog which she has finally updated cause she has done a really yummy page using Love Elsie stuff (which was mine but i let her use) and make sure that you leave her a comment. :-)

I am also going to do a weekly photo of me and share it for my BOM. So here is number #1

Hmmm... what did i do today??? scrapbook. I hear you all shaking your heads in pure shock!! just kidding, but i really did scrapbook just haven't finished any yet, cause I was supervising Tamara doing her page
and then we went into town, went to Kmart and brought nothing. loL!
went to my LSS and got some new funky vintage MM paint and some gorgeous bling brads so that was exciting
and when i got the mail there was nothing for me *crying* I love receiving mail it makes my day happy. lol!

Tamara and I tried to take a picture of ourselves and this is what we ended up withWe are such idiots, but i blame it on tamara cause she was taking the picture. lol! We were cracking up laughing, the neighbours must have thought that we were crazy. lol!

Mum and I are doing a pedometer challenge and i have only done like 2000 steps today and i am suppose to do like 10,000 so i am going on the treadmill.


Kayla xx


Ally said...

wow what a pretty photo of you Kayla!!! I love it! :)

Mel Goodsell said...

LOL that's a cute photo of you both poking your heads up tothe camera. That's a really lovely photo of you by yourself Kayla.

I'll be sure to check out the layout from the link :O)

Oh I just remembered, I think you asked me if I knew where to get those buttons from that Claudine sent me - sorry, but no, I haven't seen those before - but they sure are cute hey!

Katie said...

That's a nice photo of you Kayla! I reckon the one of you and your sister together is cool too! I like photos where you don't see the full face - they tell more of a story! I reckon you should definitely scrap both photos!

Katie :)

Mika said...

Hai nice pic, hope I see you sometime on my blog. Greatings from the Netherlands