Thursday, August 2, 2007

hey everyone :)

{Edited to add. I have just unfortunately noticed that there is a spelling mistake in my thoughts layout. So you don't need to freak, lol! maybe I will fix it, or maybe i will make a note of it in my journalling for me to laugh at when i get older. lol!}

I haven't posted in a while. thought that it was about time for an update.

I have been buried in overdue study so I have been doing all that la la unfortunately.

I was pretty excited that my cards one a prize in the Little Scrapbook Shop cyber crop and my little sister won the kids challenge which was pretty exciting. I think the next cyber crop is on August the 10th and they are also having an online retreat for those that aren't able to attend the actual retreat which should be really fun. So make sure you go check it out and sign up. :-)

online retreat details here
august cyber crop details here (no info yet but will be posted soon)

I was also excited today to find out that I won the July challenge over at Donna Hooper's collective creative blog
Donna has also posted the details of the august challenge so make sure that you check that out while you are there and give it a go, it looks like a lot of fun, and a chance to get messy with your paints. he he....

I also took part in the July inspiration challenge over at Little Scrapbook Shop which was to use No photos, it was hard but a good one to do.

I also did a page which was inspired by using song lyrics which was a recent topic over a little scrapbook shop but it is a layout for karen's scrappin kupboard in their recent cyber crop. sorry for the dodgy scan.

I have deleted my other blogs, sorry for mucking you all around but i have decided that the best way to share my layouts is just in a slideshow so here it is but it is also permanently at the bottom of my blog and i will keep adding to it, so if you want to check out my LO's you can at the bottom, I will also add a link to it on my sidebar when i get around to it. :)

I have also learnt some new things in photoshop finally and here is a little bit of a play

Um... not much else has been happening. I have a few pages on the go I need to get some pics. Have been getting crafty with the paint and the machine stitching/hand stitching lately.
So I will have to share.

I'm not sure that I mentioned as well that scrap therapy held a suprise challenge recently and i had to create a layout using flowers doodling and chipboard and i entered and won so i was pretty excited about that

I have also been having a play (FINALLY!!) on myspace.
Mine is
Don't be shy, add me. lol!

Will update again soon




lissa said...

Hey Kayla, love your new layouts that you have shared! Loving the slideshow too, fantastic work!

Be said...

Hey Kayla, woo another person with myspace. I'm adding you.
Your layouts as always as fantastic.

Ally said...

wow Kayla! You are doing some stunning work!!! I love that A4 page of you as a little girl! Really cute with the flowers! And the others are great too.
Hope you went ok with all your studies! :)
Congrats on winning all those prizes too!

Miriam said...

Your blog is looking great Kayla :D

Melissa Goodsell said...

Hi Kayla, beautiful layouts as always. I love all the teeny tiny photos from your photoshop play too.

Celeste Vermeend said...

Hey Kayla!
We've been learning the same thing in Photoshop it seems...pop over and see my puppies!!!

Pssst...Congrats on the cards...I know someone who voted for you....shhhh

Angie Bailey said...

Hi Kayla

Just loving your work Honey!

I will be back on track shortly and so looking forward to being in touch, until then take care of yourself and each other:)

Hugs Angie