Saturday, August 11, 2007

floods and another digi page...

Ok So I thought that I would update again.
First of all.

Little Scrapbook Shop are holding a Cyber crop this weekend (it is never to late to sign up)
So go check it out, there are lots of cool challenges and prizes up for grabs

I have done the digi page already which is here, my second ever digi page, so that is a BIG WoOt!! for me.Secondly today we got put on flood warning which is quite abnormal for this area. The river was swelling and today broke it's banks and the town is flooded. Luckily our house is on higher bank and our house has not been for some others the damage is quite severe.
I live in a tiny farming village
and so most of the town is farms, paddocks and stuff so there isn't a huge population here.
We went down to have a look and see just how bad it was and it was INSANE!! there in no footy oval as it is all under water and is a river, you can basically go fishing from the front door of the shop (we only have one shop here)
We looked at the weather reports and we haven't got all of it yet
there is more to come
So I am crossing my fingers that everyone is Ok.
We can see a produce factory from our house that is completely under water.
SES are busy trying to repair everything.

Tamara has put some of her latest photography on her blog as well, just thought I would tell you that. She is really good.

Ok well I will try and get pics of the flooding tomorrow and share

which reminds me I am off to Launceston to pick up my camera (which has finally been fixed) and get a new electric blanket (cause mines broken)
and I am going to call into to karens scrappin kupboard while i am there
We are going to be driving very safely in this weather.

Kayla xx

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Ally said...

wow kayla!! that is so scary about the floods! hope you are ok still....

love your digi layout too!!