Monday, August 20, 2007

finally we have some winners...

Ok So I was feeling very generous and have decided that along with the main winner that there would be 10 other winners who will get a little RAK as well.

The 10 winners who will receive a little RAK are:and the main winner of the buttons i posted a pic of and also some other goodies is:

All the winners were drawn out of hat by my sister. So there was no picking just pure luck.

Girls could you please e-mail me your postal address's to (make sure you include your full name for postal)


I will do another blog update soon as i have been neglecting my blog a little

I did though get tagged by Tash as a rockin' girl blogger. thanks tash you are so kind. :)

I have to tag 3 people and then let them know they have been tagged.
So i tag

Alice-My scrapping bestie and my inspiration for all things scrappy

Celeste-You are a super cool scrapper celeste. love your work and your photography.

Belinda-You are so cool girl! can't wait to meet you in October at the retreat :)

Till later

Kayla xx


~Kathryn~ said...

thanks so much kayla - i think you've got my address on the RAK list at KSK
but let me know if you still need me to send it

Jodie said...

thanks so muchh. how exciting :D
do you need my addy? its on the sbm rak list :D

Tash Allen said...

oohhhh thanks K. can't wait.... was dreaming about these buttons last night! LOL. I think you have my addy too... let me know if need it still

Ally said...

yay congrats girls!!!

Celeste Vermeend said...

Thanks Kayla! Sorry have been away and now am knackered. Will attempt my tag tomorrow!!

Blog is looking great by the way..LOve you buttons..chanelling Elsie!!