Saturday, August 25, 2007

carole janson class...

I took part in a Carol Janson class last night at Scrap therapy. I had so much fun. This is the layout i made;

I love Carol Janson's 3D style. It is fantastic and this class allowed me to learn so much.

I stayed up until 1.30am completing this layout. lOL! but it's one of those LO's that you can't start and finish later IYKWIM? So 1.30 it was.

I have been pretty bogged down with school work over the last day or so, so i guess that means that my self retreat has officially ended *groan*
I have had quite a few due dates for school work rather quickly creep up on me which sucks.

I am trying to get myself to complete it by saying half hour of work half hour scrapbooking. lol!

I also have stacks of jewellery to get made for some people and to restock a shop that i supply jewellery to. So I have been going psycho making earrings, It's hard to stick off the same design all the time though so I have been racking my brain trying to think of some creative earring designs.
Here is a pic of what I have made so far
So not that exciting but oh well.

Today I am going to a singstar party (don't think I will be doing the singing though. lol!)
I am really tired and have lots of work to do so I don't think that I am going to really be the life of the party but it is getting out of the house and that is good.

I thought I would just also update and say some things that i am loving at the moment

*Cool music. (am loving small mercies, hellogoodbye and lots of P!nk stuff at the moment)
*My parents (they are absolute sweet gems at the moment for once)
*My cats (cause they are my favourite furbabies)
*The internet (lalalala!!)
*Creating for fun
*Bright colours
*The fresh air

Well I will probably update tomorrow.

I have already sent some of the RAK's out to the girls addy's I already have. So you can start stalking the postie girls :)


Kayla xxoo


Anonymous said...

Wow Kayla, I love that LO! Gorgeous, nice pic too! I just missed out on doing that class, hopefully Scrap Therapy will host another one. :) And I love all of your jewellery that you have made, you are very talented!

Lissa said...

Oooops, LOL! anonymous was me Kayla! forgot to post my name. :)

~Kathryn~ said...

the layout is stunning kayla - love the 3d look
love your earings too - you certainly have been busy !!
have fun at your singstar party - you know that is something i LOVE to do - and yes - i'm doing it tonight !!!

Ally said...

gorgeous page Kayla!!! Just beautiful! And I love the photo too! It is a nice one of you.
Too bad about all the school work...hang in there ;) you will feel so great when it is done!!!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Love the layout Kayla. You're really clever to have made all that jewellery :O) Hey the facial looks fun!!

Julie said...

Hi Kayla.
Was doing some blog hopping and came across your blog. Though i would pop in and say "HI".
Your buttons are just gorgeous .... very clever!
Do you sell them??

Be said...

Yay I have addicted someone else to Small Mercies, aren't they just the best hehe.
That layout is amazing Kayla, you are very talented.
Good luck with all the school work.

Ruby Claire said...

HOLIE *$%#

Alison said...

Kayla is there anything you can't do?? You crafty thing!! Your layout is stunning!!

Chris Millar said...

Hi Kayla, just wanted to drop in and catch up on all your beautiful work! Love the layout you completed in Carole's class!! Lots of gorgeous work here to drool over. Love the pics of you too!!