Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another RAK RAK RAK....

yep another one
This time I am giving away a mini book and some buttons and some other little things that make me happy and im sure that they will make you happy as well.

The RAK will go to the person that scores the highest, if there is a few i will draw one out of the hat and I will also send a mini RAK to one other person randomly from those that took the quiz.

It going to be open for a couple of days :-)

To enter you have to do my quiz. loL!

Testriffic Quiz Your Friends
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Ally said...

wow what a great idea kayla! I am giving it a go now lol :)

rebelliouskiwi said...

What a generous chickie you are girl! ;) Loved the quiz too :) Does this mean I have too much time on my hands or am I just lucky to know you so well? lol

Ruby Claire said...

Whoop what a nice idea!!
Your very kind!!

Is there a prize for who gets the least?? :P ;)
Luv chuu!!

rebelliouskiwi said...

Yep Ruby ... a Free look at Kaylas Blog to learn more about her perhaps? lol ;o)