Wednesday, August 15, 2007

another day...another post...

You can click on the image to make it large enough to read my tags.
I used up all the basic grey tags i had left from the basic grey class at the convention in brisbane back in june. trying to use up some of my stash so I can justify buying more. lol! Not a lot on this page is old though so not getting any where really.

I am suppose to be doing my school work, but just checking the net. lol! I am trying to resist the urge to scrap. My older sis and i went to Spotlight yesterday and got some sculpey and so we have been making buttons galore. I don't know how we are ever going to use that many, but I just wanted to give it a go. lol!

I also manged to get to Harvey Norman yesterday and print some pics and I have to give them a big tick, the quality of the prints was fantastic. The 4x6 prints were only 15 cents each and i got 6x8 prints for 79 cents and the 5x7's were 59 cents. That is really great value and you can choose either matte or gloss, it is fantastic.

I was thinking about why I blog last night, and i'm not really sure why to be honest. I think it is so I can get my thoughts everyday down into a post, a bit like a diary. This blog is for me I guess, I was just thinking because I know I don't get as many comments on my blog as other people do but then I thought to myself it's not about that it is about me recording my history as it goes and that is what i am doing.

Anyway before I avoid my school work any longer

Au Revoir
(did any of you see the top 10 places to see in France on Getaway last night? It was AMAZING!!)

Kayla xx


miasmummy said...

Hi, love this LO! What are those flowers on this one? I haven't got a lot of flowers at the moment, and something inside of me is saying "BUY MORE" Hahaha!! Also, did you end up getting any paper frills from that website I told you about? She is my 'local' online shop and I think she's great, the orders come out really quickly! Anyway have to go down to the post office now to pick up a scrapping parcel!! YAY! xx

~Kathryn~ said...

go do you school work LOL
i'm sure lots of people read your blog and don't comment - according to my stats - i get about 30 people read my blog each day - and i average about 2 comments a day- i think it is just quicker to read not take the time to comment

Anonymous said...

Im totally ion love with this blog, and along with Jen Halls and Pip's, I physically cannot go an entire day without checking if you have updated it, SO PLEASE, for my health, dont ever stop blogging babe lol

Please come back to Bris for papercrafts, So bummed we sat opposite eachother on two occasions in two classes and never got to meet properly :(

Your work is gorgeous Kayla, I wanna scrap with you girl!!!!

Big Love

rebelliouskiwi said...

Love the LO Kayla! Would love to see a piccie of those buttons when you've done your school work :P NOT BEFORE! :P lol. Good bargin on the sculpey @ spotlight I agree ;) I might be going there meself one day this weekend ;)

Keep posting, blogging, scrapping, photo'ing (if thats a word lol), and studying ;) xxx

PS: I know, Im sposed to be studying too, but I'm just in the middle of a birthday card for Hubbys cousin *sigh* lol

Ally said...

i love this page Kayla!!! Love how you are using that Elsie embossed paper! Havent been brave enough to get into mine yet, but you are are inspiring me!!!
I know what you mean about the whole blog thing...sometimes Ithink the same about my own. It is really cool to be able to go back and read all the past posts though and remember the little things which you wanted to blog about at that time!