Tuesday, August 14, 2007

and then it was tuesday....

So i was naughty naughty and didn't post my self portrait on sunday (because i didn't take one) so keeping with the trend, heres todays and i promise that i will be more on track with my goal of more piccies of me!! (and yes my hair is straightened today hence the no curls for once)
i was prowling the house this morning again and saw this jewellery box in my mums room again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

We are not really allowed to touch it so i photographed it. lol!

This is a card I made on the weekend for the cyber crop over at Little scrapbook shop and the computer was playing up and wouldn't let me download the image until now, so I had to put a dodgy scan in the gallery, so heres a dodgy photo to make do. lol!

Well not much is happening here today really. I have an appointment in town and I am doing a page on what makes me happy which I will share later. I am just prowling the net for a speech bubble. loL!

I am also going into Spotlight later as they have a special on sculpey and i really want to make some GORGEOUS buttons to RAK and to use. he he....

talk soon

kayla xx


Cass said...

Oh Oh Oh LOOOVVVVEEEEE that box babe!!!!

not a bad self portrait either....lol

Keep smilin'

Cass xxxx

Ally said...

love the pic Kayla!!! i like your hair straight!!! looks very pretty :)

Love your card too! The Elsie paper looks great sanded!

Be said...

Wow Kayla, you're hair looks really cool straight.

You're layouts & photos over the past few days have been heaps cool.

Wirginia said...

Kayla What a great photo of you, I love it!