Thursday, August 9, 2007

16 things I want to do before i'm 17...

So Elsie flannigan has a blog party today and one of the little challenges is to make one of these lists. So...

16 things I want to before i'm 17 (I turn 17 on the 20th of December)

1. Tackle the scary job interview
2. Have my work published in an Australian magazine
3. Complete the 10km bike ride i used to do every morning at least once
4. Get my provisional license
5. Make a batch of cupcakes and not eat one. (lol! stupid i know, but relevant)
6. Lose enough weight to fit into my fave top ever that just hangs in my wardrobe
7. Send a letter to the prime minister
8. Sing in public (lol!)
9. dance in the rain (yep i see it on the movies and i've always wanted to do it)
10. Cook a 3 course french meal for my friends
11. Make a new friend
12. Take my mum to the movies to see a chick flick
13. Build a huge sand castle at the beach
14. Go out in public with a crazy hair do (lol!)
15. Document my life in a journal
16. Build my Family tree

Ok so that wasn't an easy list to create, but i'm happy with mine because all though some of them may be small they mean a lot. IYKWIM?
I will have to keep you updated on how I go. :)
I am determined to do everything on my list and I'm going to scrap my list

I'm doing pretty good at blogging every day I think. lOL!

Well I have another page to share.

This one is once again for the 52 scrapbooking challenges over at Karen's Scrappin Kupboard.
This one is challenge #27 which was to scrap those silly photos.
These photos are of my little sis when she was a toddler being a dork (nothings changed!!)

Kayla xx


Danielle Quarmby said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, loved checking yours out - you are a cool girl!

Ally said...

wow what a great idea Kayla!!! Love your list! (I've always wanted to dance in the rain too! lol.. I will do it one day!)
Love the page too! Your sis is a little cutie!

Katie said...

I love that LO Kayla! So bright and funky! I love your list too - I was just reading Elsie's on her blog lol! I might do my own when I get a chance!

Katie :)