Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Urban Lily..

Urban Lily pre orders are now available at Little scrapbook Shop

Go here you know you want to ;) Little Scrapbook shop

The paper is only $1.15 BARGAIN!!!!

I am wanting one of the journals in the green, just gonna break it to mum and ask her to buy it for me for my b-day. i have this all sussed. lol!

Till later

Kayla xx


Melissa Goodsell said...

love your cards in the post below - and that layout (happiness) is gorgeous, I especially love all the red hand embroidery that you've done :O)
Hmm I think I might follow your link and look at the new goodies available in a minnie,
Have a lovely week

Ally said...

wow how exciting! all this Urban Lily stuff looks so yum kayla! I want some! haha but I have to save for a while cos Ive been buying too much lately lol.
Love the life journals!