Monday, July 9, 2007


I was tagged by the gorgeous Angie

Ok so we all know that every game has rules and this is no exception

The Rules:
This is how it works. Each player must post seven (7) random facs about themselves on their blog. At the end of their blog post they must name the seven (7) people they have tagged too then visit their blogs and leave a comment on each letting them know that they have been been tagged. Each player must start their post by posting the rules or the game. If you are tagged you need to repeat the rules of the game and so the cycle continues.

Ok here are my seven (7) random facts people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1. I can't stand watching people chew gum and have a phobia of stepping on it
2. I'm a born Australian but both my parents are not (Mum-England) (Dad-New Zealand)
3. I am turning 17 at the end of the year
4. I was due to be born on christmas day but i was born 5 days earlier (20th)
5. I do home schooling and i LOVE it!!
6. One day I hope to travel to France and surrounding areas
7. I have two burmese feline furbabies which i adore

I have decided to Tag!!!!! :):):)

tash allen
yvette adams
celeste vermeend
lisa m

ok that is my tag done for today
I am planning on scrapbooking today
as soon as I have some house work down and I am out of my much loved pyjamas, which seem to be ever so hard to get out of these days, cause it is so cold. brrrr!!

I woke up at 9.30 this morning to the alarm clock, god I hate that thing but love it at the same time. lol!
I hate it for waking me up but love it cause it's the only thing that can get me out of bed and if I didn't have it then I would dread to think how many hours I would have kept sleeping for. Lol!

I have quite a few pages which I have completed recently, so I promise that I will photograph and display on my blog today, I promise!!

Anyway I must go

Kayla xx


Mel GOodsell said...

I loved reading your 7 little pieces of info :O)
Have a super week!

Yvette Adams said...

Wow - I didn't know you were home schooled! Thanks for the tag. I'm on the job. :)

Liz said...

Kayla..thanks for the tag...I think I may have done this one..but I'll do it again .. :)