Thursday, July 19, 2007

some not so much stuff to share....

so no layouts to share which sucks. but any who took some stuff today which i can share, :-)

I am so happy with myself as tonight i kick started my goal of being healthier by going swimming, (we booked out a private pool which is heated) for those of you who think i am insane for going swimming when a. i live in tasmania and b. it is middle of winter it was very HEATED. loL!
I had a good time though, I am going to aim for a session on the treadmill tomorrow, just a little bit of exercise each day is what i am aiming for.

I have some very exciting news which i can't share yet. lol! sorry for teasing you, but time will tell but i am VERY excited.

I have been working on my school work today and I am so so close to actually finishing something, just gotta get up early and ask my mum one of the questions before she goes to work and i am done done done!!!
then i only have one more overdue piece and one that has a quickly approaching due date to get done and wha la! i am back on track, where i need to be, and i have just realised that i need to ring my teachers tomorrow, shock horror!!

I really tried to get some piccies of my 2 furbabies today but a. they weren't playing nicely and b. i am still using old camera as mine is still getting fixed.

anyway....Oskar my little sisters furbaby and my cats brotherBailey who is my furbaby and is absolutely gorgeous and soooo soft and cuddly.

Anyway now that my feline obsessions are out of the way. A little bit of everything else....
This is my latest obsessions, little tea cups, mum said that i could have these ones and they are just gorgeous i think, i just have some little goodies in them, like my new primas which i am in LOVE with and too scared to use. lol!I love my MM paint so much, and this is not even half of it, lol!

I have absolutely no idea why i put my new Queen & Company felt ribbon in a pina colada mixer, but i was in a very random and weird mood so there you have it. lol!
This is my shaped chippie bowl, this is no where near all my chippie it's just my favourites and whenever i buy something new i chuck it in there. lol!
my prima jars
i just chuck all my littlies in these, i have a cat themed one, as i have alot of cat themed brads and stuff, i really need to take some more pics of my cats to use those up
and don't mind the money it is just a random thing where i put my emergency money up there, just incase, lol! i have emergency money everywhere.just some elsie goodness. i am loving it! can't wait to get the new elsie stuff, i am so excited. :-)
I have been meaning to share this felt mini clutch purse for ages and finally i have gotten around to it. It was a limited edition tarisota kit, i changed the pattern of it to suit me though and this was the end result.

I did have something else that I thought I would share but then I am not going to because it is a present for my scrapping friend alice and i don't want her to see it before it arrives and i know she reads her. so alice when you read this a pressie is now in the mail for you, i hope it arrives by tuesday next week, hope you like it and when alice receives it i will post piccies of it. :-)

Ok so this has very quickly become a rather large post so i will go

but one last thing, lol! CHA starts tomorrow (I think!!) so if you want to see some more sneak peeks go check out the Little Scrapbook Shop forums as there are heaps there.

Kayla xx


Ally said...

wow Kayla I love that little tarisota purse! looks so cool! And I always love seeing pics of your scrap space! I love those new primas too and was also too scared to use them when I first got them! haha
I too, have little money stashes everywhere around my room! lol its actually quite funny!
Ohhh....cant wait to see what yout surprise for me is!!! And I also cant wait to find out your good news! How long till im out of suspense?

Sandie said...

Oh Kayla, that little purse is BEAutiful.......Emily and Tammy love it too. They want one too!!!!

Love all your little jars with bits and pieces they look so yummy.

What brand are the pink and green flowers you have there....they look beautiful....luv Sandie