Tuesday, July 3, 2007

my latest creations

my big bowl of flowers, i love all the colour, it inspires me
My dad put these shelves up for me, I have been collecting all the prima jars to put little things in.
This is what I use to store some of my other little things in. :-)
The top pic is of my shelf for my paints and the thing that holds all my tape, ribbon and wire spools.
The bottom one is of my felt foto folio open with the photos coming out.

This is the back of my felt foto folio, the flowers took ages to stitch but it was so much fun

This is front of my felt folio and i love it.
Thankyou so much Kim your new website is fantastic and I loved this class, it was so informative, inspiring and SOOOO much fun!!!!

go visit here, your crazy if you don't, www.kimarcher.com.au

This is my creation from the early hours of this morning, the corner is lifting up a little so i will have to mod podge that and anyway

it is my little chest of quotes, that now has a home on my scrap desk, i am so excited about filling it all up with quotes

That is my pics for today

I am working on a felt clutch purse which I will hopefully get to share tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.


kayla xx


Tara said...

Wow, look at all the gorgeous things you've been busy making.

Lovely Kayla.

Miriam Kaye said...

Loving all your creations Kayla :D
I too am doing the felt class with Kim Archer, but haven't started yet.

Take care,

Ally said...

wow this looks so yummy Kayla!!!! YUM
I love all your displays!
I am thinking about making space in my bedroom for a scraptable. I often want to scrap in there but all my stuff is set up in the garage so I cant usually be bothered shifting it all in.
I would love to be able to set up some pretty displays like yours for me to drool over in my bedroom all day! hehe

lusi ;) said...

wow! love all your stuff man - so cool!
lusi x