Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a layout and some other stuff....

so I have found the most gorgeous new forum to chat on, well actually correction I found it in April I think when I signed up, but life got in the way and I sort of forgot to check in there, anyway after my re discovery of the place, I have once more found my love so to speak.
Anyway I have joined right back in and have completed one of the surprise challenges tonight.
Oops forgot to mention that it is Scrap therapy.

You can view the challenge here

it really is awesome.
Anyway the challenge was to use; doodling,chipboard and flowers, 3 of my favourite things which was awesome. i created this layout

The chipboard is the letters (which are basic grey and heidi swapp) and also the heart in the top left corner with the wings
the doodling is the flourish on the photo (thank you crafters workshop template)
and also on the heart and the letters
and the flowers are all in the top right hand corner
which i complimented with some gorgeous bead from the tarisota kit from last month.

how scrumptious does this look it is from the doodlebug website, which is fantastic for ideas.

here's what i actually made this post about. I got some of these the other day from scraploot and i could only get them in white and two shades of blue, and i am desperate for some more, so if you know of anywhere where i can get colours besides the blues and the whites, please tell me.
please................. (I saw that little scrapbook shop had the boxes but i'm after these sort)
Ok now that my litte begging session is over. lol!

Not much else to update on. I have been pretty bogged down with annoying and very boring school work and trying not to get too tempted to just scrap all day. lol!
I have been pretty sick today with only god knows what. I have been feeling soooo lethargic. I just need all this doodlebug happy colours pick me up therapy. it works ;-)

OMG! how gorgeous is this doodlebug house
I so want one of those chipboard houses so bad, they are just divine. so cute!!

if you want to see some more gorgeous house and other ideas. go here

anyway thats it for today


kayla xx


Ally said...

wow Kayla!!! I LOVE that layout! It looks so mystical and almost magical! The colours really tie in well with the piano..one of my favs of yours so far I think! :)

Oh and that doodlebug stuff is scrumptious!!! YUM YUM! Great inspiration!

I have some of those frills and stuff in a hot pink. I got two packets in a sale a while back, so I will send you some of the pink ones! :)


Natalie said...

Kayla do me a post in want it need it at therapy and I will see if I can get the colours you are after. I have aqua (swimming pool) in store. But happy to get more as I love em! Natalie from Scrap Therapy

Mel Goodsell said...

Oh there is some serious eye candy on your blog today Kayla!! That house is beautiful and so is your layout - how I would looove a piano.