Friday, July 13, 2007

i'm not dead!!

i'm still here, just have been far far away from blog land

I have been joining in on the cyber crop over at Little Scrapbook Shop

It is so much fun. I am having a ball, ripping, tearing, cutting, pasting, piercing, stitching doing all that fun fun fun scrappy stuff.

Anyway I will have a nice updated post tomorrow with piccies from my week. I did have a rather horrible pic of me, it's just I think it makes me look fat, oh well I will share it anyway, this was taken today while I was having my holiday from blogger

As you can tell it is a self portrait, but oh well. Lol! I thought I would defy the whole wearing black on black friday thing. loL! nothing has happened yet...
although i did see a black cat in my street today, but i see him every day anyway. *yawn*
not much exciting.

I can't wait until next week, I am expecting so many scrappy goodies in the mail which I have ordered, i found the cutest unicorn bam pop stamp over at kiti q from the help of my friend Sandie. I can't wait until that comes in the mail. I also ordered stuff with Scrap Loot, KSK and Tarisota and I'm thinking I missed one. lol! and I have a new making memories trimmer coming in the Mail from little scrapbook shop. I can't wait. I love getting mail.

Ok well until tomorrow




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rebelliouskiwi said...

Love the Unicorn stamps from Bam Pop! They are on my wish list :D Great price too! Can't wait to see what you do with them :)