Monday, July 16, 2007

finally an update

I have been meaning to update for ages.
So i am finally getting around to it, in between a mountain of work that is due in like yesterday-literally!!

I have been having fun this weekend over at the Little Scrapbook Shop cyber crop, it has been so much fun, I only got 2 of the LO challenges and the 10 card challenge, but I have not been feeling well this weekend and it was really cold so I am blaming it on that. lol!

The 10 card challenge was awesome.
The challenge was to create 10 cards using the same stuff, so here are some pics I took of what I started with and what I created

here is what i started with

and here is the 10 cards finished. They are really simple but I had a lot of fun doing it and that is what counts.

We had a good night last night, my older sis and her BF come over for dinner every Sunday night and last night we played a game of pictionary as a family and it was so nice.
The funniest bit was when I was playing with my Mum and we had the word old and I didn't even draw anything and just pointed at Dad and she said old. Everyone cracked up.
I love it when we have family stuff like that.

Anyways this week I have a lot of school work to get done, so I don't reckon that a lot of scrapping is going to be coming from me unless I get it miraculously all completed, which is highly unlikely with the amount I have to do.

Anyway I did another one of the layouts for the Little Scrapbook Shop cyber crop last night and uploaded it 12 minutes before midnight so just in time. lol!
I did it on how happy my home makes me. I can see my house in the picture but it would be too hard to describe which one it is. lol!
the challenge was to a LO about happiness and use black and white with a splash of one other colour so I used red. :)

Just some happiness

If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years. --Bertrand Russell
I am getting my kicks out of listening to all the old Coldplay music on my iPod at the moment, i am loving it, there is just something in that great music that strikes a chord, not sure what.

I am so jealous that we can't get the new Love Elsie ranges (Riley and Lola)
I love Elsie's style, she ROCKS!!
I can't wait to see the new lines that she is releasing at CHA summer 07

anyway alice and I have decided that we are going to do an A-Z album of what makes us happy, we have decided to use our Love Elsie chipboard heart books, here is the cover and the inside page of mine, sorry about my dirty, glued and painted scrap desk in the background, I really must get some Jiff onto thatI will share mine as I do it.
I am still working on finishing my list. I am having trouble coming up with some things for the letters, but i'm sure that it will be finished soon.

I think that I might do a RAK on my blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled, cause I know that there is a few people that check my blog pretty frequently and quite a few lurkers out there, yep know your there. lol! and i love the fact that people take time to read my blog. it makes me smile!! :-)

Well other than that not much to update on, it is raining like no body's business atm here
it is really heavy wet and cold rain. i think i am going to be remaining inside. lol!

Until later

kayla xx


Katie said...

Wow nice cards Kayla! The 10 cards with the same product is a great challenge too - I might have to try that myself!

I love that LO of your house too and your Love Elsie album!

Katie :)

rebelliouskiwi said...

Those cards are awesome Kayla! Each one is so unique & different, yet using the same "basic" pack. Very very cool! :D

Ally said...

yay!!! been visiting your blog over and over hoping for an update of your gorgeous work (im just slightly and now here one is!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your A-Z album front Kayla! Just gorgeous! That rippled ribbon stuff looks really cool!

Love the challenges you did for the LSBS crop too! You have so much talent girl!


Celeste Vermeend said...

Kayla! The LO of where you live is just awesome!!
Will check out my tag!

A-M said...

Kayla, I had a look at your blog from your reply to my introduction on the Forum of Little Scrapbook Shop and thought I say how I love the look of where you live and also your 10 cards in the challenge are great.

I have not done much on my blog yet - will get around to it one day - maybe.

Take Care
Anne-Marie ( A-M )