Tuesday, July 10, 2007

finally some pictures!!!

finally i am posting all my recent layouts
I have been so slack lately and it is partly because I am having to use the really old digital camera because mine is broken and has been sent away :-(
Believe it or not the baby in the above layout is me. yep that's right. lol! The two circles are the heidi swapp journalling circles, I still need to journal on one of them as you can see. I really enjoyed working with kraft paper by scenic route and the big arrow is also by scenic route.
You @ 5 layout was a quicky using the June techni colour kit at tarisota
i had a lot of fun with it just mucking around

The red and black one was inspired by a layout my friend alice did about her love of france and so I scrap lifted it. Thanks alice.
The title says France although it didn't photograph well. :-(

Navy layout is about my sister and her involvement with the Navy and how she loves it so much, I used the June I want it all kit from Tarisota for that one, the only thing that wasn't from the kit was a piece of paper from the new Basic Grey Infuse paper from KSK

The young love layout was using the new Love Elsie range from Little Scrapbook shop. I love the range, I have just had trouble cutting it up , cause I love it so much. lol!
But I finally faced the music and made a layout. There will be more to come using this yummy range.This layout Baby cakes is of my little sister when she is a baby.
The top layout is of our trip to Port Arthur, the arthur word is missing cause i have some letter stickers on back order to finish it off. :-)

and then the last layout Welcome Kayla, is of pictures of my older sister Tamara holding me in hospital just after I had been born, this is the first lot of my baby pictures that I have scrapped. :-)

Ok so that is my Layouts updates
I did forget however to take pictures of my heart chipboard album by Love Elsie, as Alice and I were doing an A-Z album of what makes us happy and I did finish it but forgot to photograph so will do that tomorrow cause the light is too dodgy now.

Not a lot has been happening here
I haven't been doing a lot of scrapping either because i have been working on the swaps that I am involved in. Swaps are my new addiction. Lol! I think I am in like 4 at the moment but they are pretty easy ones.

I love Kelly Clarkson's new CD and am loving her new song Sober. I love it.
I must have a thing about songs involving sober
as my other fave is Call me when you are sober by evanescense. lol!
I am also addicted to Ingrid Michaelson ever since I saw Elsie right a nice comment about her I got some of her music and I am in LOVE with it, it is so awesome to scrap to.

I am doing a tag off Melissa Goodsell''s blog.

1. Four of my favourite jobs
2. Four of my favourite local places
3. Four of my favourite foods
4. Four of my favourite international places
5. Four name's of people I am tagging

1. I have never been employed so I am going to name jobs which I love doing around the house 1. Hanging out washing outside (love the fresh air) 2. Mopping the floors (love the fresh lemon smell and the satisfaction of a job done) 3. Mowing the lawn (i love it, don't know why. lol!) 4. Cooking (I can say this is a job right? lol! I love it)

2. Local. hmm.... ok i'm going to assume local means all of tassie. lol! in that case.
1. Port Arthur 2. Scamander 3. Great Lake 4. Bronty Bay

3. 1. Marble chocolate by cadbury's 2. Shephards pie 3. Pumpkin soup 4. Hokey Pokey ice cream. Yum!

4. 1. France 2. Venice 3. Greece 4. Holland

5. If you read this and you want to do it, consider yourself tagged :-)



kayla xx


Ally said...

yay! these look gorgeous Kayla! Love the France one! Yay go france!!!

Sandie said...

Kayla, these layouts are just fab........you are truly amazing......keep up the great work and get submitting girlie!!!!! Luv Sandie

Tara said...

wow kayla, that's a lot of layouts and they're all fantastic!!! you've a got great style.

one thing... a big ol' digital camera is still wa-ay better than a film camera. hee hee

Miriam said...

Gorgeous LOs Kayla, keep up the mojo :D

Take care,

Katie said...

Love the LOs Kayla! Especially the scenic route kraft paper one and the Love Elsie paper one! Ok so I may be biased cos I love those paper ranges lol but I really like the way you used the papers! Hope you get your digi camera back soon...I dunno how I'd survive without mine!

Katie :)

Angie Bailey said...

Hi Kayla

Angie here from KSK! Really fantastic Lo's you have done there! I esp love the Welcome Kayla LO and the Guitar LO.

Keep up the great work Kayla and you have certainly inspired me to get back into the swing of things.

Hugs Angie:)

leababy said...

Kayla your work is stunning you have such talent.
I pop in and look at your work each week, but I just have to tell you rock girl.

Mel Goodsell said...

I loved reading your bits and pieces from the tag. I've never heard of that ice-cream, I'll have to keep my eye out for it at the supermarket.
These layouts are just beautiful, you've done sooo many and they are all just fantastic!!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too :O) The heart hanger things I bought from Bali & Co when I was down at Huonville. I think they have a shop at Moonah too, but it was such a long time ago now that they probably don't have any more. I really wanted 3 pink ones when I bought them, but they were all out of pink (except 1) so I bought the 3 colours instead - which I quite like now I'm used to them. They were really cheap too - $5 each!
Take care

rebelliouskiwi said...

Kayla! I'm in awe of your LO's girl! Awesome! Gorgeous photo of you for the France LO! The colours look great! I've gotta say you definitely were a cutie pie weren't ya in that 1st LO ;)

Oh & since I read it, I'll consider myself tagged ;)

lusi :) said...

what fantastic layouts! you go girl!
lusi x