Friday, July 27, 2007

and i can share....

this is what i have made for alice but couldn't share, she posted pics on her blog as well here.
So she received it today and i think that she is happy with it. :)
I love giving pressies speaking of which I ought to do that RAK i promised this weekend. I promise!!!

Well not much has been happening here, been a rainy and pretty much crappy day today and i fell asleep on the couch which both of my cats sitting on me *roll eyes*
They can be so annoying at times

Well I am off to bury my head in some study.

But before i go I better share some awesome blogs I have been lovin' lately:

Mara May
Celine Navarro
Amber Ulmer


kayla xx


Tara said...

Gorgeous Kayla... and she loves it too hey!

Ally said...

yay Kayla! I love this so so so much! And I can't believe you can doodle so well! I thought it was a rubon it is so good lol!

celine navarro said...

hey!!!! thank you dear!!! So happy you like my blog!!!! keep up the good work! :)