Saturday, June 23, 2007

Im here!!!!!!!

I can't believe that it has almost been a month since I have posted.

I am still in Sunny QLD (although very cold at the moment)

I have been having the greatest holiday.

The things we have been visiting that pop up in my head in the moment is; Dreamworld, Whitewater world, Scrapbooking convention, Australia Zoo, Brisbane Lions v. Western Bulldogs game at the gabba, um..... we have been doing lots of shopping, lol!

Actually we have got so much stuff now that we had to buy those air suction bags and suck some stuff up so it was a bit more compacted and everything only just fits.

We are driving more than half the way home tomorrow. We are leaving here at 5am and probably not having rest for the day stop until 6pm. That is one VERY long drive. *roll eyes*

The scrapbooking convention was so much fun, the classes were so great, I had so much fun.
There were so many bargains there as well, I managed to pick up quite a few. lol!

I also went for a visit at a really big scrapbooking shop on the sunshine coast of QLD and spent up big.

Well when I get home on Wednesday next week, I will do a more detailed post.

Here's a pic taken in Canberra at the start of the trip.
From the left: Morgan (my little sister) Dad and my Mum


Kayla xx

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